Hey, I made this site.

This site was created to provide a little entertainment for you. My intention was not to create something that stuck to one theme. While designing this site I have experimented using PHP and various other web-based languages.

You'll notice that I've used a lot of block-like shapes on the site. This is purely how I have choosen to design the site.

If you have feedback or you've found broken links, typos and such, I'd love to hear from you. eMail: fifthnail@hotmail.com.

personal facts

music interests:
nirvana, lit, orb, keoki, moloko, atc, sublime, poe, blink 182, dr. dre, eminem, snoop dogg, limp bizkit, duran duran, 4 non blondes, no doubt.

movie interests:
"fight club", "bridget jone's diary", "the truman show", "startrek: first contact", "go", "200 ciggarettes", "pulp fiction", "the shining", "harry potter"

concert/theatre interests: LIVE 105's BFD Concert, VAN's Warped Tour 98' 99' 00' 01', "Caberet", "Waiting for Godot".

tv interests:
startrek "next generation" "voyager" "enterprise", charmed, the simpsons, 3rd rock from the sun, blind date, sunday night football.

i'd rather be:
relaxing in aptos, drinking a latte at star bucks, cruzn' the streets of hollywood, driving on a sunny day in santa cruz in a 57' porche.